Cut Shapes Template


Sometimes I prefer to use my GF to trim/cut materials in place rather than take them over to the saw. In order to make this a tad easier, I use the SVG below as a cutting template. As you’ll see, it contains:

  • lines (vertical & horizontal)
  • square (1:1)
  • circle (1:1)
  • Golden Ratio rectangles (portrait & landscape)
  • 4:3 rectangles (portrait & landscape)

All shapes can be moved independently in the GFUI and resized as needed.

One very important reminder: When imported, all shapes will default to cut! Be sure to delete all the shapes you don’t want cut. :wink:

If there are shapes you’ll never need to cut, open the svg file in your favorite editor, delete them, and save a version with your favorites.

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This is so useful–thank you! I have individual files like this but it’s better to make a single file.


Oh goodie. I’ve been thinking about this, especially getting the different rectangle ratios. Apply the color palette swatches if you want them all different orders. Stick it in the UI and it’s always there!


Thanks for this, one of the things I was planning but hadn’t gotten to.


Very nice! I hadn’t thought of putting them all together like this :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Simple but very useful.


Holy buckets I think this is really clever. I wonder how long this would’ve taken me to think of doing once I got my laser! Some super-duper clever folks around here!


I was ready to create my own version of this then remembered you’d done one.

Thanks and giving this a bump since people are getting their forever machines now.


Thanks – I need to make a new one with fewer options and separate colors for ease of selection.


Cut Shapes Template V2

As promised, here’s the latest version of a cut shape template for your :glowforge: enjoyment.

Improvements over V1:

  • Unique colors for each object ease selection
  • Rounded objects at corners prevent “lost line” at the top
  • No repeated objects (copy & paste if you need extras)
  • Pre-rotated version of “Golden Ratio” oval and rectangles

Just in case saving from the browser is problematic, here’s the file in a zip archive:
GF Cutting (759 Bytes)


First trace with Glowgon

THANKS. I’ll certainly be using these


Thank you! I will certainly use this!


SO cool! I was just getting ready to go make one of these templates and you allowed me to continue in my lazy mode! Thank you very much. I had made a few separate ones, but sure like your idea better. :relaxed:


Thanks! Saved to Google drive so I can get it from all my devices.


Thank you!


I’ll adopt these instead.

Thanks again :grin:


OMG TY so much!!!


Thanks for putting this together. I had done a couple of these already, but this is really helpful. Thank you!


is there a link I’m not seeing to download to my mac?


RightClick on the image and “save as”

Safari is really goofy in this regards. I’ve switched to Chrome for all GF tasks on my Macs.