Cutting boards for Christmas


I’ve run into a snag with all the bamboo cutting boards I bought and hoped to engrave. There is an air duct that comes down under the stepper behind the head and that is part of the air assist. It is the limiting factor on materials height. The test board I did was .6" With masking tape on, the scoop grazed the material and shifted it at one point in the printing. Pics in just a second.



I thought you had 2" of height capacity. Most boards are going to be at least a half inch.



Have to take the tray out for that. So I need to make some standoffs to raise the boards off the bed after taking tray out. Then figure out heights. Luckily the family Christmas is Thursday so I have time.

I never looked under there. Here is a shot.

Here is cutting board. A little too deep. Need to figure out how to do a lighter engrave but higher resolution to not go so deep. Note the inmage is off since it shifted a bit. Magnets definitely.



2" if you remove the crumb tray. O.5" with the standard tray installed.



I can’t lie… I came to say that the boards are awesome, but I’m totally stealing that recipe. :wink:



It’s okay, my wife got it from someone else. They love it. Very creamy.

The boards were a big hit yesterday :slight_smile:

My oldest son (the designer of the “Save the Date” graphic) now wants to do some joint projects with me for his flash art - him doing the basic design and me turning it into something lasered. :slight_smile: He does traditional flash for tattoo studio use but his signature style is uni-black straight edge work. Other ink artists are starting to copy him but you can always tell his work from a copyist because his lines are dead straight - other people invariably inject a jiggle or wiggle somewhere in the art. I have no idea how he keeps his hand so steady for so long.


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