Cutting speed units

100 -> 4 ipm
150 -> 23.125 ipm
200 -> 42.25 ipm

So 150 is nearly six times faster than 100 but 200 is less than twice as fast as 150.

Wish we knew the formula. I’m trying to figure out a dwell time for every setting. So that for say I have it at x power and y speed i can say g delivered but I may want to run it faster so that means less dwell time so more powered needed to get the same delivered

We do know the formula. It is the simple linear transform you graphed. It is the fact it has an offset that makes it awkward for energy density calculations. But we don’t know how power is mapped so you can’t do that anyway.

If I ever get mine I will try to work out the power mapping and check the speed mapping is real.

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So I hard my graph based on the new speed formula and to get to 1000 it was a speed of 400 but that is way fast then the machine can actually do

It can do 1000 when engraving which is 335 ipm. It can only do 500 when cutting which is 157 ipm using a slightly different formula.

ipm = 4 + (cut_speed - 100) * 153 / 400

ipm = 4 + (engrave_speed - 100) * 331 / 900


I am a dope … Thx for clearing my mud vision

I have not had the machine on a ina. Couple weeks kept thinking 1000