Dad Jokes Desktop Digital Display

I made a desktop display for my epaper badge. I got a chance to bend acrylic with a heat gun, which was fun.

Black acrylic and cherry hardwood.



Nice display though.


That’s a nice little component. I have been working on humidity and temp sensors for a cigar humidor with an ESP32 and have been thinking of displays. Right now I am doing the 1602 LCD 2 line with I2C but would like to go to a lower power setup and have been looking at the OLEDs. The Badgy is nice and I can see using the quote generator to do some interesting things or use it as a scrolling inventory or whatever.

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I got one at a local maker faire last year. It was cheaper than the base components.

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Love it :upside_down_face:

Did you find you were able to evenly distribute the heat with the gun? I have been wanting to try this but acrylic heat benders are $$! Any tips would be greatly appreciated… Very nicely done

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No. I tried to make a form, but gave up and eye-balled it.
I held it up until it started bending on it own, maybe it was too much.
I ended up doing it three times before it was good enough.

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