[Dec 2 2016] Q&A with Dan

I would like an explanation on why it wasn’t until Dec 2nd you announced the delay.

You made 2 announcements: Nov 23 (Flextronics Press Release) and Nov 29 (Pre-release units going out) but made no mention of a potential slip. In fact, the press release even says, which we now know is a lie, that volume shipments will begin by the end of December. Furthermore, during this update period, the “Latest Schedule” banner on the forum continued to state that pre-order units would be shipped in December.

Yet in your email to us today you said realized there was a problem in Early November.

So what changed between your realization in Early November and the announcements in Late November? Which then changed 7 days later to be a 6 month slip?

You either deceived us with the late Nov announcements or in the email you sent us today. Which was it?

Edit: Added links. Added a comma. And added “Latest Shipping Update” comment (in italics).