Design Challenge

Correct… The prize is plexi this week but the box can be made out of any material (that can be made with a laser) I should also add to the rules that the projects should be able to be made out of materials that can fit in the glowforge (so we can use these plans once we get one). I will get a photo of the prize to you at some point in the next few days.


Perfect!! Can’t wait to see how many awesome designs this’ll result in!

I already designed a box of sorts as one of my backlog of projects waiting for you know what. Over my lunch break I tweaked it a bit for this thread by adding the Glowforge logo and developing a rendering of it. The logo is a full cut, exposing the pattern on the tissue box behind but could easily be removed or customized to whatever someone might want.

I designed this for 1/8" material. No accommodations have been made for kerf yet as I am not sure how to deal with that until I get hands on with the Glowforge.

The box is 9.5"x5"x5" which fits the large Kleenex box and likely others too. The design could be easily modified for other shapes and sizes as well.

TissueBox Model (1).pdf (20.5 KB)
TissueBox Model (2).pdf (13.0 KB)

Edit: I just noticed that the PDF has some weird line weights. Not sure if that effects the laser cut or not but I will see what happened there when I have time again

Edit2: I think I have resolved the lineweight issues in the first PDF.


Does it have to be a new design, or can we submit boxes we’ve created in the past?

It can be designs you have created in the past… I won’t know either way… but my goal for this challenge for me is to push myself to do something new and create.

In that case, I’d like to submit this one.

It’s probably the most elaborate box I’ve designed, and I got a lot of good comments when I posted it in the following post

You said you wanted to start with something easy. :slightly_smiling:


There’s also this one that I liked. It’s designed to look like a shipping container.

Here it is cut in MDF.

Here’s what it looks like with the top open (full of other stuff):


@polarbrainfreeze, those are great! Are you going to be sharing your cut files?

Those are nice. Do you have the dxf or individual layers so that people can look at your work and see how its built so that they can apply the principles that you used in their own design?

I am planning on sharing my designs once I get my own GF and the Design Catalog goes live. I want to make sure everything works on a GlowForge before I share them.


@polarbrainfreeze You are a good man!

Well then, I will share a designed I posted on the forums earlier.

If you follow the link on that thread you will see the current foam core solution I am looking to replace.

These are great… I’m just glad this is getting submissions. As promised, here is a picture of the prize. 1/8" black gloss acryic plexiglas

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@joshferintino, this is really cool of you! I will try to submit something too, but I think @polarbrainfreeze has me well beat with the Box that thinks it is a Container. (a stretch of a reference to a card from Cards Against Humanity)

Here is my resubmission of the matchbox I did.

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@spike, Your “You are a good man” statement made me think. I think it could be more properly stated as: “You are a good man … who also wants to profit from his designs at one point”

I do want to share my designs, but I’m torn by a desire to also want to make a bit of income from my designs as well once the Design Catalog is up.

By nature, I like to show people how I do things. I like to share and teach, and learn from others. But I’m finding that I’m holding back a bit on sharing certain designs just because I think I may be able to sell them at one point. But that holding back frustrates me a bit. But not enough to just give them away. I’m happy to show people how I do what I do, and answer as many questions as I can.

I’m looking forward to having the Design Catalog open, so that when people ask “Can you share the design with me”, I can say “YES!, It’s right in the design catalog”, instead of “No, not yet”.


I was a bit surprised when you posted something so fantastic on this tread, which is why I asked if you would be posting the files. My take on this thread was that whatever gets posted here is provided to the community for anyone to try for free.

“I thought I might issue some weekly design challenges for the others who are also in my position. This will get the creative juices flowing and people will be able to download the plans for free.”

Maybe @joshferintino can better clarify his intents of this tread?

I think your designs are fee worthy for sure…

I think if a design database by glowforge were to go forward in this manner, whoever is the creator of the design should be able to specify what level of sharing they would like to have, based on permissions:

User can only see design [yes/no]
User can print [yes/no]
User can download file and/or upload a revision [yes/no]

Obviously these permissions should be able to be applied to everyone publicly or just specific people/groups.

This would allow people to share their designs to their max level of comfortability without having to give away things they dont want to.


I second @takitus! I would love to have this ability.

I started this thread because I wanted a more of a community feeling about the things in the laser made forum. I wanted people to start thinking specifically about How they are going to start using their glowforge when they get it, and at the same time prod them(and myself) into starting to make files for their use later. I care more about the HOW things are done than what is actually done, which is why I like looking at cut files and hearing about process. That’s why I want to be able to download the plans and be able to use techniques that other people have come up with on my own projects. I understand that @polarbrainfreeze put a lot of effort into both of his pieces that he put on this forum and he has the right to profit from it later. For next week’s challenge I will have a more clear and defined set of rules and the things that are needed to enter. For this week the challenge will just be based on the design of the box itself where all is needed to submit is a drawing/ picture/ 3d rendering.