Design help!

a friend of mine is naming their new cow Indian. this id in memory of the ones that lost their lives in the Santa Fe school shooting this past May. They ask for this headdress. I am not skilled or do i know enough in how to invert the colors. i need the white lines and names engraved. but this file will have the whole background color engraved. would you all be able to give me some tips or even walk me through a process to make this work. i mainly use inkscape. Thanks in Advance


This is just a quick and dirty inversion of the colors – will it do what you want?f3f2f7cef4218a05ab80a9c51414b8b1d10aab64_1_647x500

EDIT: I did it in Mac Preview; no idea really how you’d do it in Inkscape, sorry!


you are an amazing person!! thank you very much, this is perfect!


@geek2nurse did it for you. What I would do is convert the image to grayscale in Inkscape. The colors won’t matter much to the laser. Then I would invert the tones. You can also do it exactly as @geek2nurse did it because the laser will read the blue as a shade.

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thank you! i will practice this for future reference.

Oh, yeah. I might have thought of that, if I weren’t drugged. :wink: (This will be my go-to excuse for pretty much everything for the next week or so!)


Head dress, names, words all separate colors. You can control them independently. Hope this helps.Help%20File


and crap! I didn’t refresh and see that this was already taken care of.


Your vector version might be the best option :slight_smile:


I don’t know how to attach the file. On my computer there are three layers and different colors. When I put it here, it made everything black. Any idea how to attach a file?

The Quick and easy way is to zip it and upload the zipped file.

The other way: Are you using illustrator? If so, when you save it - in the SVG dialog, select presentation attributes. That should keep it intact for the forum, I believe. Discourse strips out a lot of code.


Help (39.7 KB)

Zip file worked great. Thank you.


Some simple image transformation tools are available in Pine Tools.

If you don’t have time to fool with gimp, inkscape, etc and have really simple needs (like a color invert) this can get you out of a jam.


thank you all!! here is the finished product. I ended up using @dystracktd 's file. it was a little easier to work with. Also, i scored the headdress because i thought engraving would clutter the names and take too long.
thanks again! i will take a deeper dive into some of the tools you all shared when i get a little down time.


thank you!!

I’m glad it worked, and I think you made the right choice by scoring the headdress. It looks great!

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This turned out great!

I’m always amazed how helpful this community is @geek2nurse responding so quickly with an initial transformation and @dystracktd doing a full conversion of the image to vector. What fantastic team work and helping each other.


It looks great, and I agree … Scoring the design made the names more prominent.