Dia de los muertos / Halloween decoration



Inspired by the movie Coco and our family heritage, I recently added this to our decoration collection. The sugar skulls are made from 1/4" aspen wood, spray painted before being engraved, the color really pops under the blacklight! I attached them to an old fence panel, aged and sunbleached for a nice rustic vibe.


I saw it before it disappeared for some reason…looks great! :grinning:




It’s back now. :smile:
Need to make some sugar skulls one of these years - they’re cooler than candy.


Those are great!

I love the one with the 'stache :slight_smile:


I’m a huge fan of Dia de los muertos art and Mexican folks art in general and this is great stuff. I love the presentation on the board too.


The Dia de los Muertos sign is great!! I love the bright colors on the rustic looking wood.


The detail is amazing! Did you do any weatherproofing to them? I always like the small details, too :thinking:


Excellent! Are the skulls engraved or scored?




Oh, very cool! Do you plan to shine a black light on them on the big night?


Nice! Now try some with actual sugar…


I’d forgotten about that totally cool application…you really should do a sugar skull…there are patterns all over the interwebs…:smile:


Very impressive decor.


Thanks! I didn’t do much waterproofing, one coat of spray polyurethane, but it is holding up well so far.


I have it hanging under a blacklight but I haven’t been able to get a good photo at night.


They’re engraved