Different material

Has anyone used silicone or vinyl with the glowforge?

Regarding vinyl, see item 4 here:

TL;DR: most “vinyl” is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which will produce corrosive vapor that can destroy your machine rapidly and, may damage your health. There are alternatives but, be careful.

Lots of people have done stuff with silicone:



Vinyl will destroy the laser!! Silicone has been engraved.


While you can use many types of plastics in your Glowforge, unfortunately, vinyl isn’t laser-compatible. When cut or engraved, vinyl can release gases that are hazardous to people and can cause damage to your Glowforge. If you’re interested in a hard plastic, we recommend acrylic as a substitute for vinyl. Acrylic is inexpensive, beautiful, cuts and engraves well, and is available in many colors.

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Yup - lots of silicon

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