Discussion of July Update, Part II (latest)

Well, if you are looking to slice and dice ham, you will need to check with @takitus for advice, not GF Support.

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That’d be cool (pun included at no charge :slight_smile: ) but my table surface is a solid inch thick and on top of a rolling cabinet so I’d be doing some major mods. For me it’s only until my Pro comes (or when I bring it somewhere that overwhelms the cooling - like a tent at a Maker Faire :slight_smile: ) so I may hack together the little cooling fan & box option just to see.

My luck will be that as soon as I finish that either the temps will plummet or GF will change the temperature limit and I’ll have a USB powered ice box with a fan sitting around :smile:


Ugh. Nothing really new to add here but this is potentially really disappointing news. Living in Oklahoma it is extremely hot for many months at a time and my AC struggles to get below 78 right now - I would keep it at 68 if I could. Anything above 75 in an office makes me nauseous. Bleh.

I purchased the filter specifically because my office doesn’t have any way to vent the GF easily, so if temps have to be as low as it sounds like they have to be, I’ll either have to move it home for a few months every year or not use it much at all during those times - both of which will be disappointing to say the least.


Well TBF i think it is more country/culture based.
I grew up in Adelaide, Australia. A ‘hot’ day there is 40C (104F for all you Liberians and Burmese). I don’t know anyone in Adelaide who would want it as cold as 24C even in summer. When it is 36C-40C every day you don’t want to make it seem worse by wandering out from such a cool environment.

In North Germany or England 24C (74F) would be considered a warm or even hot day. People die in Europe from heat stress at 28C+

I think (from my 2 short years there) Americans are just used to Air Con… just like Germans and English are used to their Central Heating. They use it because it is everywhere and they base their temperature expectations around it.
Although it is getting that way in Australia our relatively stinking-hot summers and not-so-cold winters mean we have a lower expectation of how cool it should be.


Thanks for the great update @Dan and team!

LOVE the first look at a passthrough cut!! Do you plan on offering Proofgrade or Draftboard in lengths longer than what can fit in the Glowforge without the passthrough?


Sooooo, what are the chances I can ship you back just my box so that you guys ship me one of the spiffy new (smaller) boxes in return. THEN, I’ll have a spiffy, smaller box to store that I hang onto for the next time I need to ship you guys a box (THAT ONE containing my Glowforge when the tube dies)… Unless, of course, you have certified :glowforge: techs in the area by then who can just come to my house and fix it for me.

Also, haven’t heard anything on this one yet, but for those of us that recieved our :glowforge: before you started shipping black crumbtrays: any chance we can purchase one someday? Wasn’t exactly planning on the image of a unicorn head being permenently burned into my crumb tray after making my daughter’s day… “Emmet” feels so embarrassed now.


i am medium sure dan mentioned eventually being able to buy them, but presumably that may not happen until after the orders are filled.


Sweet. I missed that. Thanks!

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Emmet shoulda thought twice before flying his “brony” flag. :smiley:


Trust me…after a few months of use - you won’t see the unicorn any more. :smile:


I know, I keep thinking I need to just start doing all of my cuts over that corner of the machine to try to hide it before anyone else sees it.


In the hopper to carry trays in the shop.


Was wondering about that myself… I ordered within the first week and still no notice for me

@dan, to start with, you may not need to carry it in the shop. You presumably have a pretty good idea of who got the Glowforges with a silver tray, and could just send those folks an email. “Would you be interested?” and offer to sell them a black tray if they so wish.

Then after the GF’s have shipped, you can revisit the idea of adding it to the store. I’m not really sure why someone would want a spare tray (speaking from inexperience).

Just wanting to keep things low effort for you guys so you can keep producing Glowforges!

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nice idea, but i think this is actually more work than just stocking it in the store. these are being produced in quantity for production units anyway and it’s not going to be much trouble for them to get a store listing up for it.

besides, some people may just want a second tray so that you can clean one and just have it ready to swap out without downtime.


Based on the info publicly available and setting aside the forum “regulars” that got bumped up in line, they are still working through the first day of orders, but that was the busiest day by far and has roughly 20% of all the orders we know of. Once that first day is done they’ll be moving through the calendar much more quickly.


By support, they mean offer technical support. It’s standard for any company to not offer technical support on products they don’t make or sell.

If you use Proofgrade materials, they are guaranteed to cut properly and the GF team can help you with settings and any issues. They don’t know the same details about the acrylic Inventables sells.

Hewlett-Packard and Epson only support their brand paper, but you can use anyone else’s paper in their printers. BUT if the Epson ink doesn’t dry when printing on the Office Depot brand glossy photo paper, then you can’t call Epson support for help. You’ll have to play around with the settings yourself or talk to Office Depot (which is probably as helpful as asking Lowe’s about using a laser to cut their plywood).

Another example is I have a Raise3D brand 3D printer. They only support their brand filament, but I can use anyone else’s filament in the printer. If the 3rd party filament doesn’t print as expected, I can’t call Raise3D support and ask why, but I can if I’m using their filament.

Some of it is a liability issue (if they tell you a setting and it’s wrong and you ruin the material, then they could be legally responsible for replacement of the material), but most of it is that they honestly don’t know - there are too many materials and too many variables for them to keep up with.


Was is that high for the first day? I thought they had announced something like 5 million for whole first week, off the ~28 million 30 day total so 20% would seem to encompass that whole week. Not that it particularly matters in the grand scheme of numbers soup.That they still don’t seem to have started sending out any new emails to give us any indication shipping has picked back up again is disheartening though.

I’m working from the info collected by our unofficial shipping board.

I think we’re just seeing a high bias towards people who ordered on the first day/week and forum representation, which drives shipping board attendance. 40% of all the entries on the shipping board are week 1 which doesn’t quite match the $'s.

For what it’s worth, we’re on work-day 7 of no reported emails, early June had a similar gap.

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I think there was one email reported yesterday but it is a far cry from about 90 per day needed to make the deadline. It doesn’t look like mass production has started yet because of the big delay from email to dispatch. After nearly two months of “shipping” we have only seen a handful of basic machines shipped to US customers. I think there will be another delay announced when volume shipments start.

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