Discussion of July Update, Part II (latest)

I believe you can always use the date listed on https://glowforge.com/account?tab=purchase_history

yes that is the date I’m using. in case anybody else rolls past and reads these few messages. :slight_smile:

Been there myself :slight_smile:️ Had a guy use his corporate card to fund a PC hardware & peripherals business. Never missed paying the charges or anything but providing the working capital for his side business was not why we gave him the card :grinning:

We used to carry 2 business cards & titles. Outsiders wanted to deal with people who had “the authority to do a deal” and couldn’t wrap their head around a Director having $10M of authority or an AVP at $25M. So everyone got title bumps for their public business cards but used another set for internal meetings so other company folks wouldn’t think we had the $50M authority levels :slight_smile:

When you’re dealing with portfolios in the hundred billion neighborhood, 10 million is loose change. Never gonna get a finance or capital committee to waste their time looking at those. In retrospect that’s probably how the government works and we know how that turns out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



And here, part of the reason my former employer is former, is because any time someone needed to make travel arrangements they had to clear balance off one of 3 corporate cards in the company with $5k limits. Bahahaha! My own personal card has a 10k limit for cryin’ out loud and good thing too because they often fell through on making arrangements on short notice and I’d end up covering it.


At least this way you get the points/Cashback on your card :slight_smile: that can add up.

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Amen to both these observations.
One of the first points I make with new Clients is ‘Transparency is your Friend

I then follow that up with an explanation of why it is always better to ‘Under-Promise and Over-Deliver than Over-Promise and Under-Deliver’ (which, IMHO it seems :glowforge: are very hot on achieving as much as possible from a technological angle but lack on the Delivery side of things)

From a Business Development POV these 2 are essential at building brand strength.

Unfortunately when it comes to Transparency if it is not company policy then you cannot expect to control speculation.


@dan, maybe this has been covered before but is it possible to have a page or weekly email that shows units shipped to date by model?

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they don’t release information like that.

I was thinking that was the case but I could not think of a reason why not. Their website advertises the campaign so it not hard to turn dollars into units and factor in some cancelations. There is so much speculation in these forms. Knowing numbers for what has actually shipped would go a long ways to address it.

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I know half of it.

Pros: 0

Kinda stinks too. Right now I’m lining up 6 different jobs with a CNC plastics company that I was going to do on my pro. It’s going to cost me about half a grand.


they decided that releasing that sort of information would either a.) give their competitors some sort of advantage, or b.) take too much labor away from production.

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More likely c) frustrate people waiting with how slowly they’re shipping, causing mass cancellations.


well, i didn’t say it was why i thought they didn’t release numbers, of course. it’s just the reasons we’re given.


Yes! It is certainly possible
No - they wont do it


@dan Please just tell us if shipments are still happening… we have a right to know… we are the ones who supported your company and bought your product… now we just want to know when we’ll get it… so frustrating

@rekanize just posted that they received the golden ticket today. . . see post “A specific question about acrylic sheets”

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someone just posted a thread where their laser was delivered, too.

Yes, should be about 90 per day though.

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yes, obviously, we’re all aware.


Part of the update discussion was news about new settings. For those with pre-release or production units? How long has the “Full” showed up on the operations column when 100% is chosen? I hadn’t noticed it before today. Granted, I haven’t been doing a lot because I’ve been preoccupied with my Prusa and the settings push has made me need to re-do my pre-release settings.