Discussion thread for Update #8: Latest Update on Shipping

Regardless of who they choose for betas, I think it’s great that they’re opening it up for volunteers. Although I can’t imagine the flood of responses that they’ll get for that!

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Id love to provide feedback, as thats pretty much what my full time job is, and wouldnt mind having a machine that may have some non-production things in it like an extra port or something, but wouldnt wanna be stuck with a unit id have to constantly send to the shop. So in that im really torn. I do UX for a living, so betas are my bread and butter.

It’s minimal in the interaction with the main site. I can imagine not clicking through to the discussion.

Welcome @andrew1!

We’re hashing out the details of how it’ll work now, but we won’t leave you high and dry with a bad unit.


I really appreciate the level of professionalism this company has shown, it give me a strong sense of trust that the GlowForge will end up being an AWESOME product and I can’t wait to get one. I would put myself down on the beta list, but with my work schedule, I don’t think I would be able to put in the hours needed to get a good testing even if I lost sleep. (Which may still happen when the GF is MINE!) Anyway, keep up the awesome updates and transparency. Even if there ARE hiccups, i want to know about those. They happen and they wont upset anyone as long as we are told about them. :smiley:

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Obviously it is up to @dan and company how they divvy up the betas but I would put about half of them in maker spaces for soak testing and the other half into the most variety of hands I could for usability studies. A lot of things that are obvious to the experienced can be baffling to a newbie and IMO that needs to be known as much as the mechanical.

I would totally be a beta but Im over in Korea. I just the shipping would be a good test. I waited until nov 1 to order to make sure I had the funds. Ihave so many ideas and want to add to the catologue as well!

I know there are the “unknown unknowns” that you are seeking to weed out through the beta program, but are there any planned differences between the beta units and the final units? … or are they considered the final design to go to production unless anything comes up? would there be any hidden pluses to getting a beta unit beside the early arrival? (more hackable, certain components left in, etc)

If someone were to go into the beta, and the final product ended up being significantly different, would they be given a chance for replacement?

Thanks for the fantastic update @dan ! Looking forward to the chance to apply for a beta spot…i’ve already been stocking up on materials for when I get my machine and set up a workstation haha. I’ll save my qualifications for the application, but am giddy over the idea of having a shot at it!

Great update @dan and Thank you for keeping your supporters updated…

Keep up the hard work and have a Happy Thanksgiving…

How about a school getting a beta spot to try out and see how the new technology works. I think that would be great for Montana.

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I volunteer not to get a beta unit. This is for a hobby for me that I’ll do for pleasure in my spare time as often as I can find a good excuse to. I’m pretty sure that makes me a bad candidate for getting it used a lot, and broken in/tested.

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No less anxious and looking forward to receiving my Glowforge, I am perfectly content to wait for it. I have a lot to learn beforehand and more preparation of it’s new ‘home’, so can use the extra time to my advantage.


The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned is if these beta units are basics or pros. I would be completely surprised if they were pros, based on previous threads, which leads me to a couple of questions. If they are basic units they will really be tested beyond what they were really designed for if they’re put into maker spaces, correct? With more than half of the units sold being pro units will you only be looking for beta testers who’ve ordered basic units? I’m assuming the pro units will need to go out for beta testing at a later time?

I don’t believe the units will be produced at the same time. Dan has said in numerous posts (albeit a while ago) that the manufacturer will be deciding which machines (pro vs basic) will be produced first and we’ll hear as soon as decisions have been made. Dan has also stated a few times that they were completely focused on the basic model as it was the basis for the pro. Once they have that model dialed in I’m assuming they’ll start work on the pro. I’d love to be wrong/corrected as I have a pro on order.

In another thread I cannot find at the moment @dan mentioned that both models would be manufactured at the same time. I’m not sure they are at the point of actually starting full manufacture just yet. While this whole process is moving quickly, remember last week they were trying to secure variable power supplies. A couple weeks prior to that they were visiting the laser tube manufacturer. Likely that all the source materials are currently being put into place. But in summary I know I read that yes once full production starts, all would be assembled at the same time.

If you do find that thread I’d love to see it. I’m basing my information off an old “Place in Line” thread and a posting Dan made on October 6.
"- Shipping order will depend in part on your model, because the factory is at going to decide on the production order. We’re going to tell them to manufacture in the way that lets them finish fastest. We’ll tell you what they decide as soon as we know.".
I obviously missed the updated informaton.

@benwalker, I remember seeing that too, but like you, I am coming up empty trying to find it right now. I am wondering if we saw/heard it in one of the external interviews?

Important Correction: The Basic and Pro “could” be produced together. Dan said the production line has enough capacity. The company never said or tried to imply that both would be produced together. Made this point in another post 2 weeks ago and Dan replied that I was correct. We do know that the Pro S/W is lagging the Basic S/W. Folks in this forum do not know if one or both will be produced in the first batches.

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Thanks for the correction. I must have misunderstood Dan’s original post about this.