Double coloured acrylic

quite a while ago there was a thread on engaving on acrylic from a 3rd party which was double coloured and thus the engaved section came out in the underneath colour.

Can someone please point me to the thread.


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And here are quite a few others that discuss two colored acrylic, although you might want to devise your search terms to us American spelling rather than UK since most of these topics use US.


I’m fairly sure “acrylic” is spelt the same way in both countries :joy:


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But searches for “coloured” are not going to yield as many hits as the U.S. spelling of “colored” or simply “color” so you find both variants of American English.


Beat me to it.

Don’t know if folks notice how often searches for certain words bring up matches for similar words, but it frustrates the heck out of me that it only includes US spellings. The rest of the world - the majority - use different spellings for many common words.

Two color search brings a lot up.
Here is one from when I was talking about using it for earrings.
Have these parameters saved as custom - so they are still valid for start points if not end game values.

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