Duck Cloth Canvas etching


@ryan_haskell Here’s a full view photo as requested! Appreciate the compliment, especially on an upcycled project: leftover scraps from an upholstery project, broken leather purse and discarded leather belt. Unearthing a treasure from forgotten items is my favorite use for my beloved glowforge.



Thanks! I’m adding this to my “awesome GF projects to make” list.

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This is absolutely beautiful! I just got my glowforge yesterday and have been playing with it all day! I was wondering if you could tell me the settings you used to engrave the fabric? Thanks so much!



Thank you! Can’t wait to try this!!

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Great apron!

Glowforge requires us to confine discussion of manual settings in their forums to the Beyond the Manual category. The current preferred practice is to either move the entire thread to Beyond the Manual or, to start a new thread there and, link to it from this one.

Let me know if you would prefer the later and, I will move this thread back to Made on a Glowforge.

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My apologies! This was my first time posting so I was not aware of the guidelines. I deleted the post with the settings. Will that suffice?



No worries. Most people miss that rule at first.

I will move this thread back.

I hate that this will deprive others of your settings. Please consider posting them separately in Beyond the Manual.

Thanks again for sharing your project!



Hh this is wonderful! I got some duckcloth to cut and engrave, so now I know what it might look like! Which settings did you use?

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@mercecarroll , let me 2nd that suggestion that you post your settings in the Beyond the Manual category! Thanks!

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I hope you post settings in beyond also

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