Dumb question about the LED cutouts

I ordered some of the LED bases online, and they are here now. I have a design that I would like to make. My question is, are those all cut lines, or etch, or what? I am not sure what to do with the file.

You can score or engrave your design, depending what it is. Most people reverse the image and score it on n the back of the acrylic.

If you’re engraving, you might want to remove the paper backing so your finer details will show. You might get some fogging on the acrylic part that way, but it cleans up pretty easily with toothpaste and a little rubbing.

If you need a design to start off with, there are a few posted over in #free-laser-designs. Here’s one I did: Neil Gaiman Quote (you might need to adjust the width to fit your base).


Thank you so much. I did realize that it is going to have to be an score to make this work.

I did some of my first ones with scoring, but have switched to engraving filled vectors. Never could tell how a score would end up without testing it.


Did these 2 as etch.