Ear Savers, easy pickin's

Yeah, but it’s another extra step. I just shipped out an 800 piece order for $15 and all the packing supplies (except tape) were included in the price since I used the “free” USPS boxes.

I ordered stamps and boxes eons ago and still haven’t gotten them. :frowning: So far I’ve managed to find ONE MORE small flat rate box that hasn’t been eaten through by silverfish each time I’ve gotten desperate, but I think the box closet has yielded all it has at this point.

And I can’t find a working postal scale in this house, except for the big one that will one work for stuff over 5 lbs (Dad was shipping books), so flat rate is really my best option.

I did find a few of the cardboard envelopes. If I lay out 25 ear savers, connected together, in a 1-2-1-2…1 conformation I can get 25 per layer with a strip of packing tape down the center to hold them together, and 4 layers wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap will just fit in one of those.

Also, I mentioned it somewhere already, but it’s cheaper to ship through goShippo.com than through the Post Office, even using the flat rate packaging.

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I’ve been prepeeling both sides and putting a sheet of copy paper underneath to avoid flashback.
They look fine but get rinsed in a basket in the dishwasher before going out.
(using white acrylic so there isn’t any visible schmutz on top)


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