Earring stand and Cardstock for backs, no problem!

Your earrings are beautiful, but I have a question about how you do your earring cards. Do you print them out on the card stock and then cut them with the Glowforge or do you laser the words and cut the shape on the paper? Thank you.

Thank you! I actually cut and engraved the card stock all on the glowforge. Now days I am using 1/8 inch plywood for the backs because it has a nicer feel and look. You can see them in my Etsy Shop. I am now selling most of my earrings to business and at craft shows, but I list a few on Etsy also.


I used to do the Santa shops at school…wow if I had had my Glowforge back then…I could have had things lasercut in a fraction of the time and actually made some money (we had max $5 sale price so never got paid for labor basically). Love your stand!! do you have something on the back holding it up with the living hinge?


The stand is based on this design here. The living hinge bends and connects to the back. I bought the design on this site, but it was too large so I modified it to work with the dimensions of the Glowforge Plus.


Thank you! I was wondering how the living hinge made it stand, especially with people messing with the earrings.

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Love it great job

Can I ask what sort of setting do you use for the card stock…I’ve been having a hard time engraving it…


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We are only allowed to discuss settings of non proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. If you perform a search in that section for cardstock you will get many threads with settings information.

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Maybe try glueing 2 together?