Easy box pattern

Hello Everyone, I’m looking for a friendly and easy box pattern. it will my very very first box. I have just cut and nothing else. I would like to make 3D stuff. Thank you.

There has been a lot of patter about easy boxes Most point here


Thank you :smiley:

Boxes.py is a very powerful site but not super intuitive.

There are other sites that might be a good alternative, hunt around and find the one that works for you.



I’ve used http://www.makercase.com/ with great success.


Okay, go ahead and use one of the web tools suggested above just to get going but to get your head around making all the boxes and trays your head imagins get Fusion 360 (free to hobbyists) and go through my tutorial in the matrix. It is about 7 short lessons long and at the end, you will be able to make any sort of box or tray in Fusion 360. These are not professionally done but they are endorsed by the CEO of an up and coming laser company. :crazy_face:


You know somehow I missed these entirely. Thanks for taking the time to make them and share them with us. I learned some very useful new things about working in Fusion. Especially helpful as I’ve hit the creative wall with the box generators.

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You’re welcome, and it’s totally worth it if several people learn several things. I know I learned a whole lot making them!

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Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your time sharing this :smiley:

Blender, Inkscape, and gimp are not free, as you have to put out the effort to learn them but I have been burned too many times with “free under circumstances” where all my effort at learning can be cast aside like the wind as having no value whatever, paying every few months for the upgrade that adds little of values except it blocks all previous versions from reading the files. And if you are a day late in buying the upgrade , it will cost you twice what the original did and there is usually a learning curve again.

IMHO ,< /rant >

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That is a given and anything worth doing has this cost.

It can be, um, disheartening when this happens but I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon with Fusion 360 and concepts prevail between programs anyway. I started with Sketchup. All the 3d concepts transferred right over to Fusion 360 so all I had to learn was the new interface and the things that Fusion 360 could do that Sketchup could not.

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Both are Autodesk and the free Sketchup was seriously maimed compared to the paid version. I have not bothered to look for such maiming in Fusion but it is just my WAG that Solidworks is eating Inventor and the original Autocad ate many superior systems because you could “steal” it and learn how to use it so the user base was huge, but they lost control.

I suspect Fusion is an attempt to follow that idea but in a way they have more control over it.

If you have a minute to respond, I’d love to know if you are still using roughly the same workflow out of F360 to Inkscape or if you’re doing anything different now. I am going to finally bite the bullet and learn it based on this, my old timeworn pre-cc Illustrator is giving me too many problems with one of my recent Mac updates.

Edit, I shouldn’t have said that. Inkscape failing to load too…

I really do need to review these to see what has changed, short answer is the workflows are still basically valid.

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Thanks! I was able to get it working in Illustrator - Inkscape won’t launch, going to need to grab the source and see if I can compile and run it.

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