Ebay hardwood sampler


Yes I see that they had another huge Sampler set up this morning. Unfortunately I think that everything they sell is 1\8" or 3\16" and no 1\4" that I would really most want.

What I bought will do for my 1\8 " needs for quite a while unless some of it bends well.


Hmmm. The handwriting on the labels on my pieces sure looks feminine to me! But I’m not in a stalking mood, so I’ll trust your conclusions. :slight_smile:


If you Google the username, you can come to your own conclusions. Could be another person, but seems unlikely. :wink:


Hey, I asked Kim if he does 1/4", here’s what he said:

I do cut 1/4" material, but mostly in domestic wood, such as red and white oak, beech, maple, ash, yellow birch, cherry, basswood and walnut. Also spalted yellow birch. I do cut exotic, but it is pretty expensive, for me to make any money at it.

I didn’t ask what “pretty expensive” was. His pricing is pretty fair overall though, so I would imagine it won’t be as bad as all that.


I would think twice the weight and half the cleaning troubles. however for the time being I am full up certainly on narrow woods in the 3 inch range, though it has been quite an education concerning the quality of the result that has narrowed the number of species of interest considerably.

Particularly Zebrawood and Mahogany are on my “don"t buy” list. they are beautiful to see but far too flammable. On the other hand Padauk and Walnut raised considerably as I was able to cut even half inch material without turning it to charcoal.


It’s so interesting that mahogany is on your do not fly list. It cuts really nicely in the 1/8” thickness, I wonder if the additional thickness of 1/4” is the issue? Maybe we’re getting different subspecies?

Maybe my next mahogany piece will give me trouble and I’ll think “rbtdanforth warned me there would be days like this…”


i think that and the fact that most sellers don’t charge 2x the cost of 1/8 when selling 1/4. but if he cuts it into 4 his material cost is 2x of what it is if he cuts it into 8 (but minus the labor). so if his source material is more expensive for exotics, that cuts into it as well.


Not to split hardwoods, but I’d think it would be slightly less than that because of extra kerf loss when cutting 1/8?


slightly, but you’d probably have to cut a pretty decent chunk to lose an entire 1/8" piece.


I was asking about that in terms of getting my own thicker wood cut and was told to get two 1/4" boards I would need a 3/4 inch board, so while the loss perboard might be a bit less in 1/8 it would not be a lot less. Ocooch has 1/8 and 1/4 at about the same price as it takes just about the same amount of wood for one as the other.


I have tried what I think is at least two (maybe three) very different sources and looks and they all went in as mahogany and came out as ash. and Btw I just ran the test on a piece of Ash and it was turned easily to ash as well so now my cut only by saw list is ash, zebra wood, and mahogany: I tested something that looked like brown mahogany that I think is teak and it did well.

Oh and Hickory (or is it Sassafras?) tested very well.


I emailed Kim last week and asked if he had any spalted maple on hand.

He cut some to 1/8”, sent me pictures, and quoted a very fair price.

Really pleased with it.


That makes me want to make something… I dunno what. But something worthy of that wood.


It makes me want to buy some wood. Gonna have to drop him a line,


Would you people stop!?!? My wallet can’t take it anymore!!! :slight_smile:


Really impressed with his communication, speed of processing, and quality of product. My items arrived in the rain while I was away, but they were wrapped really well. I also love that he labels everything. I think small details like that are what set some businesses above the rest.


But…but now I cannot cut that as I keep using it as a reference set


Take reference photos and then laser them up?


Just slice off a little piece to save and enjoy the rest! Or order more…


I looked yesterday, and he had a few packs for sale. He’s pretty good about keeping stuff up there, but also think he is likely a great resource for random woods as well.