Eeveelution Pin Box for Kickstarter

I do everything in my power to not have to use glue. Don’t want to mess with it at all haha. It’s worked well so far.

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If your finger joints are tight, like I’m guessing yours are if you’re not using glue, the two-piece box is still glue free.


Love that!! Been planning to make one like that for card decks. Interesting how you did those tiny fingers.

it’s all in the settings at

go there, click on boxes, then TwoPiece.

in the two piece box page, you can click on the arrow by settings for finger joints and experiment away with finger sizes, space between fingers, surrounding spaces… and then once i got it in illustrator, i just deleted some to make the on/off pattern of 1/3/1 and connected the lines where i deleted.

i think a lot of people use box makers with default settings and finger joints are a huge part of how you can design a box to be a little more interesting.


Oh, I love that lid style! Just a little bit different.

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I use MakerCase and then use the Pen- tool. I’ve already got a design going for the two piece box, it just ends up using so much more material so I just haven’t made it yet.

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Thank you!

Thank you, I have made a bunch of tiny boxes like that and have been wondering what to call them. Many of mine are poplar or oak 1/4" thick and deep carved. I found neo magnets 3 mm and 1.8 mm x 0 .8 mm that I can embed in the lids. Often the boxes can be held together very tightly but they can also come apart so I use glue very lightly even in those.

Well these are specifically meant for the pins I’m trying to get funded. What about keepsake boxes? Jewelry box? I have a small box meant specifically for a single set of jewelry I received from my Gramma a long time ago.

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Sorry I did not realize that you were raising pin money.

I used to feel this way, as well. I found that the tighter I made it the more difficult it was to assemble, and in some cases led to damage or even breakage in the final piece. Nowadays I go with a snug fit (0.005 or maybe 0.006” Kerf adjustment) with very accurate glue placement using small needle tipped bottles. Assembly is so much easier, and because I have precise control over the glue it doesn’t lead to a lot of cleanup.

If I were doing 40 boxes, I would absolutely go to Using glue, because assembling tight finger joints is painstaking.

Here are the bottles I use. I’m still on my first one, I periodically use a thin wire to clean the nozzle but other than that no issues at all.

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@rbtdanforth no no you’re fine! I was just explaining why I called them “pin” boxes haha. If you want to call yours pin boxes too that’s fine C:

@evansd2 I haven’t had any issues with tightness. I use .006" kerf and I can get them to stay together we’ll, they don’t fall apart, and no damage done with the hammer. Thanks for the share though.

Awesome, glad it’s working well for you. If you ever work at a larger scale or move away from plywoods your tune might change. Hardwoods will snap across the grain pretty easily. Cross that bridge when you come to it! :slight_smile:


These are cute (love Eevee), but is there any concern with using a design you don’t have rights to on Kickstarter? I don’t know their terms, but seems like it could be an issue.

It hasn’t been an issue in the past for my friends who have done these types of things, they’ve been able to use images as an additional thing as long as they are clear they are selling their own design and not the other ones. What I’m really getting funding for are the pins anyway, the boxes are just additional, and the engraving on the box is just a thing that’s there. I hope that makes sense xD

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Good luck with your kick starts, you are off to a good start. I go with the squeeze bottles for glue. I keep them upside down and small pin or hand drill if they clog.

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Thanks! We have some Gorilla Wood Glue but haven’t had to use it yet.

I use Titebond III Ultimate and have not had any problems with it.

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They are really cute.