Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter

Cheers @Tex99.
I am quite familiar with the Industrial CNC sector as one of my major clients is a leader in that sector for finance.

Did you get to use the Emblazer? The E1 gets mixed reviews (decent machine for its wattage but overpriced and a bit flimsy) do you have any comparison thoughts between E1 - E2 and what you know about the Glowforge?

They didn’t have the E1 at the show, just the E2.

From my perspective the E1 is very much a low powered hobby machine only really good for cutting paper/card and engraving. I think the E1 is too low power, plus I don’t like the open sides/bed.

Dominic was saying that they put all the lessons they learnt and customer feedback on the E1 in to the E2.

Interesting to consider what design changes GF would make for a V2 product from the lessons/issues so far…

And there they are. A weaker laser in hand is better than a better one in the bush at twice the price.

Off to see if they say anything about being able to ship to Canada. Probably nothing but worth the look.

Cheers, thanks for the info.

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Absolutely so long as it’s powerful enough to do something you’re interested in. That’s one reason I never got one of those little 1W LED lasers. Figured I’d run out of useful things to do.

But a 30W CO2 laser or bigger opens up a world of opportunities.

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Did a bit of looking into it last night and have come to the conclusion it is not for me.

Even the E2 needs at least 2 passes to cut just 3mm plywood and that is not worth it for the price (IMHO).
It would be great to have one now especially with:
… onboard software
… hard points for interfacing
… in mm and not mm-> inches -> arbitrary units of zooms and pews
… home replaceable tubes
… Devs that appear open and communicate

But despite all these HUGE advantages… that 5w diode doesn’t seem to come close to the 30w CO2 in terms of delivery

Interesting about the 2 passes for 3mm plywood. On the stand they were showing some cut models including 6mm plywood that I understood was was cut in three passes.

I found details of materials they can cut and thicknesses, but can you point me the reference to the number of passes?

The Laserburn software does look functional, plus the L2 is driven by G-Code so potential for other applications.

The cost is high, I think if they dropped the E2 price by a $500-1000 it would be a great price point for the power, however I am also thinking of lifetime costs. Until we have clarity of the GF tube replacement costs/process for International/Australia I am still open to other cutters.

Most of it is on the Darkly Labs forum.
Many posts i was reading were saying 6mm ply was not worth the effort and that the 2 passes on 3mm was only with a pristine lens, some were taking 4+ passes.
Mind you this could have also been with Bunnings ply…

I would link you but am about to do a presentation so away from my PC

Got a response back, it ships to Canada. I wonder if it’s the power difference making it difficult? I can’t imagine anything else would be the issue, plenty of hardware relies on american servers.

Ugh, I hate having to revisit the thing I wanted for a compromise.


Hi Chris,

This is ---- ------- from Afinia 3D in Minnesota. We are the exclusive distributor for the Emblaser 2 in North America. We have units in stock and ready for purchase and shipment to Canada. You can find the product on our store site HERE. I have also attached the brochure for the laser cutter. Please contact us with any questions.

Where are you located in Canada?

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