Engraving AR mag

This is the engrave on a newer “OKAY” metal mag, kind of interesting it came out silver as opposed to the gold on the other mags. My PMAGS are still not looking as nice as some of those pictured though.


What settings did you use for this? Looks stellar!

Sorry for the lateness of the reply, I don’t check in that often.

My notes say 600, full, 340lpi.

Here is my attempt


Here’s my attempt. Mind you these are the 2nd and 3rd pieces I’ve ever done on my GF. I’m not painting yet, but these are my personal mags and I prefer the black on black.


Did you do multiple passes with this method?

Amazing!!! Would you mind sharing hour settings?


Interesting you could use the (I assume) paint drip onto engrave/squeegee off technique on a rough surface. That bead blasted texture from the mold seems it would leave a fuzzy edge…

It isnt fuzzy, I painted it without leaving the masking tape on. if i left the tape on I think it would have been better


I’ve found leaving the tape on, unless you are airbrushing, just wicks the paint under

Good to know. thanks.

I finally tried on one of my mags, I used the settings mentioned above, I want to post the result on a white mag, having trouble uploading a photo from my phone, any help? Being trapped inside I think I might try and find tune the settings. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

What’s the trouble? Normally you do the upload, and select from your photo library. It should just upload…

Okay, this is beauty. I am getting ready to experiment with lowers, slides, mags, etc… have you done anything other than the mag since this post?

What type of settings are you guys using ro be able to engrave???

Settings are shared multiple times in this thread.

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