Engraving Brass tags for jewelry making

So per their website: “CerMark LMM 14 for copper and brass. Items often have a clear lacquer coating on them to prevent tarnishing. This clear coating will prevent the CerMark from sticking correctly to the metal. Soft metals suck the heat away from the laser area very fast and require slow speed and high power to properly make a mark.”

A) are you using LMM14?
B) it’s likely your items have a clear coating, are you scraping that off?
C) “regular engave” is not a thing, you always have to pick a setting. The iPhone setting is for removing a painted coating to reveal the metal underneath. Per CerMark you want to go slowly with high power, which isn’t going to be any of the defaults - try starting here: Laser engrave everything

Now, once you get it working come back and we can work on your alignment questions - there are multiple ways to get perfect alignment every time, but focus on getting your settings first so you’re not frustrated :slight_smile: