Engraving Credit Card Beer Openers

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to the GF community and I’m having some issues on my first project. My stainless steal credit card beer openers quality are not consistent. Some of them come out perfect while other’s the image or text becomes engraved blurry.

The initials and “Dad.The Man.The Myth etc” I created on the GF system.
The initials came out with all these Light lines and the Dad engraving came out great.

The same goes for the NY Yankee’s logo. I downloaded all them from the internet primarily SVG files but that one came out the best compared to Barca and Father’s Day SVG free file I found.

Also, I am using laser-bond 100 and making sure that I’m applying an even coat. Do you guys normally put a thick or light coat?

I hope someone can help me!

Thank you,


Welcome to the community!

Do you clean the metal before applying the laserbond? I don’t do a lot of metal marking, but the inconsistent results with the same materials suggests a procedural issue.

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I have cleaned the metal before using and I try to always apply an even coat. Perhaps, I’m putting to much? Do you spray it on until the coat is black?

I’m also thinking it might be the actual image I’m downloading from the internet!

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I use a couple of light coats, just enough to get an even covering. I’ve no experience with laserbond, but testing should dial it in for you.

A quick search (that magnifying glass at the top right) for “Laserbond” returned This. @trevor says a thin coat, and lists his settings.

Thank you for the feedback! I truly appreciate it.

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