Engraving on Oak Wind Chime Wind Catcher

Does anyone have experience engraving on solid oak, already stained. I am trying to do a memorial wind catcher on a wind chime and the first one did not pickup the thin font well. Just looking for advice on time and power…I even did multiple passes and it still did not pick up. Also masked the wood. Any suggestions appreciated.

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If you are using a finished wind chime there is no telling what it really is. It is probably made to resist weather and sun. If you are using fresh wood and trying to see the burned wood against the (dark?) stained wood that would seem a problem too. With regular wood that is masked you can engrave out the design and fill the engraved area with paint (note using clear first to take up the leaking into the grain will make it sharper.)


It might help if you upload a picture of your current results.

As for the thin font issue, in general thin vertical lines don’t get picked up well if engraving at top speeds. I’d recommend dropping speed to 500 or less for those kinds of jobs.

I learned this the hard way with my mink skull engrave:


I’d start with the Proofgrade settings for Red Oak hardwood and go from there after testing. Engraving is far more forgiving than cutting, so just getting in the ballpark is usually good enough.

Good luck!


I had issues you too. I found it was easier to finish and seal the wood, then mask and engrave.