Engraving serving trays

Any pointers on how engrave serving trays? I want to engrave the inside but it has a 2.5 inch rim. I can’t remove the rim so it has to be engraved as is.

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Can’t be done.

Consider engraving some kind of inlay that can be attached to the base of the tray.


Nope. There is a very narrow range that the beam can focus in, and it runs only half an inch in height. If the rim was only half an inch thick, you could focus on the bottom. With two and a half inches on the rim, you can’t even get that into the machine without the air assist hitting it.

The inlay idea is the only way to do it.


ok thank you

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Extending that idea, you could do something like cut a stencil and paint the inside too.

This topic (or something very similar) just came up recently, this was my reply to it: