Engraving tile

Is all ceramic tile safe to laser? If not what are the best choices? Thanks!

In general, check out #4:

The issue here is not fire or melting, it’s also very unlikely to chemically hurt your machine, as most glazes don’t contain chemicals that will acidify. That leaves you with toxicity.

Some glazes used in less-regulated areas will contain lead, almost all really vibrant glazes get their colors from metals. It’s a generalization, but inhaling any significant amount of metal is a bad plan, it usually has neurological effects (mad as a hatter, etc).

Beyond that, ceramics and glasses can produce dust that you really don’t want in your lungs, silicosis is not a fun thing to google.

So. Safe? With good ventilation, yeah almost all ceramic tiles aren’t going to cause you much trouble. As with anything, it’s your risk to take, so use your judgement, but personally I don’t worry when it comes to tile work.


Thank you, I will check it out!