Estate planning binders

Pretty sure I’ve seen sites that sell just the rings/spine part, which would work perfectly with this idea. Have to let that percolate for a bit in order to remember where I’ve seen them (or y’know, someone could Google it :wink: ).

I believe you can manage a 22" wide sheet of material in the Glowforge laying on top of the crumb tray without interfering with the gantry rails. I don’t have access to MakForge at the moment, but I’ll measure exactly tomorrow. I’ve been playing around with jigs and such and testing sheets of cardboard. I’d like to be able to do a whole Scrabble board out of one sheet of material and just rotate it for doing each side and not have to hinge it or piece it together, so I’ve been thinking about larger sheets of cardboard and plywood.


This is a really excellent idea!


I’ve had some ideas in my own hopper for a 3 ring binder engraved product. Nice find!

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Almost ordered one, and then read that it was wood over a paper product, thinking about the living hinge point that smcgathyfay pointed out about I am imagining a very thin wood veneer. So engraving these things might be kinda tricky. I did find this though on thingiverse