Etching denim (again)

Anyone had any joy etching denim?

I’ve been experimenting today, but all I get is burnt denim!!

I’ve seen the industrial videos where it looks bleached instead.

Searching the forums here it looks like others have got the same, burnt, not bleached…

Anybody succeeded in doing this?

I haven’t tried it, but I can ‘toast’ copy paper, so somewhere in the settings seems like it would be doable.

He he, I can “toast” my denim too, I want to bleach it white like the do industrially with lasers.

That’s new to me, I’m surprised that’s possible with heat.

It’s possible that they are using inks and wavelengths of light that are made for each other. As in, they’re cheating, the laser comes in and neutralizes the color of the ink. This is all theoretical, but I don’t see why it isn’t feasible.

Maybe this avenue would work? It was posted earlier on the forum.


@kittski did fine. Here are some pics. Settings may have changed but if you go light and get the surface dialed in it works.

I had some success. Takes some work. Might not be what you are looking for.

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Thanks, I had not found that post. That’s exactly the affect and actually I was using about the same settings, but my results are just brown, singed. Must be differences in the material somehow…

Will experiment further.

When I tested it, I was able to get the surface etched without burning. It does make it more easily torn though. It was heavy jeans.

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I wasn’t happy with my results on jeans either.

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