Etching Tile

Really cool! I have some of these tiles…need to break them out!

I just ran to Lowe’s and bought a box of 100, and I have to say, it works GREAT! Thanks!

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I can attest. People say that water is the universal solvent. It’s not. Mama spit is.


I wonder if a magic eraser would take off the excess sharpie whilst ease leaving the color in the grooves alone…

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I didn’t have any mama spit, so I used my own. That said, Windex ended up working at least as well I think.


I’m getting 12-13 minutes per tile but that’s at 1000 zooms and 225 LPI. Are you running a higher LPI?


I’ve been running at 450 DPI.

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Very nice idea, 1000,FP, 450dpi, much cleaner to work with.


I bought some at my local Lowes and when checking out was told they sell a lot for people making coasters --> imagine that!

I masked the tiles and then etched/scored the design and then spray painted the tile and had the joy of removing the tape. Worked just OK, not great.

Another thing … when masked, I drew diagonal lines from opposite corners the define the intersection as being the center of the tile --> this helped me align my image more easily.




I have found using ‘blueprints’ from google image search to be interesting. Here is one I just did 1000/full @225 lpi. Lowe’s $.16 white tile, black sharpie, and elbow grease.



Can you link to or tell about the black tile you are using? I am having a heckuva time finding something square and similar to the white Lowe’s tile.

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Pretty sure that was it. None of the home depots, and only one of the lowes had them in stock. Luckily, it was the closest Lowe’s.

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Thank you! Too bad it’s not also $0.16 a piece too. :grinning:

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Still less than 50 cents a tile. Pretty cheap and some really awesome results with the gold inking. My Lowe’s has it on ship to store so gotta get it a case at a time though.

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Just finished making my first one.

Thanks for the settings!


Beautiful result and really nice choice of artwork.

That came out nice as well ! (But you didn’t use the Pug version) :grin:


These are all beautiful! Going to have to add this to me to try list for the week!