Exhaust Purifying aka HOA strikes again

Well my HOA is harassing me again about exhausting the laser out the window. I’m fed up and am looking at getting a fume extractor and was wondering if anyone in the community has any experience with the professional grade ones?

I found in another forum post that the Glowforge people are using a BOFA extractor at shows. Anyone know which one? @dan @Rita

Also, I found this one https://www.bosslaser.com/fume-extraction/compact-filtrabox-fume-extractor.html

I’m worried about the quality of the air being exhausted as my Glowforge sits in a small bedroom I converted into an office, which I work out of daily.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Tagging @rbtdanforth as I know he has done a lot of work in this area.

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I have this : https://www.amazon.com/BlueDri-Scrubber-Filtration-Negative-Airbourne/dp/B01JHI66VC?pldnSite=1
That while expensive is perhaps 20% of what you were looking at. It has a 10-inch intake and a six inch exhaust which is a problem of connection I have not properly solved. Instead I just let it run as the main exhaust fan is iffy and the helper fan only helps some so I do get a lot of smoke coming from the Glowforge if what I am cutting is very smoky.

The room does get somewhat smoky as a result but quickly clears as the ( I call it the blue whale as it is big, blue, and a filter-feeder) can move 500-CFM when on full . It is somewhat loud but a low white noise, less so than the shop vac that is also whiney,

They sell 10-inch to 4-inch adapters but they take up almost as much room as the Whale, so I have not yet gone that way but your situation may be different. Even if at some future time I should get the Glowforge filter I ordered I will still use the Blue whale as it also clears out all the smells and dust that sanding and other operations create in abundance.


Have you seen this thread? I came across it while doing a search recently. There is something called a “Fume Coffin” that you can build for around $350. I may give this a try, because even with venting I am still getting some odors.

The HOA has passed rules that nothing can be in the window, except blinds or curtains. So I need a system that can fully purify the exhaust and vent back into the room.

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How bout a door? Does anyone else in the HOA have a cat door or dog door?
There are 3 rules.

  1. Learn the rules.
  2. Play with the rules
  3. Break the rules.

Surprised they haven’t gone after you for having a home based business–many HOAs prohibit that, too… that may be next on their list of actions! Good luck getting off of, and staying off their radar…

Maybe you can add a “dryer vent”? It’s not the window, just a small hole in the wall & nice looking vent covers exist… If the HOA doesn’t prohibit that, may be worth a try (though likely once they figure out what you’re doing they would change the bylaws again)…

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Or something that looks like blinds or curtains :wink:

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I vent out my dryer vent. Only issue with that is I can’t run my glowforge and dryer at the same time.

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My dryer vent is tube is pretty small, so I’m not sure I could do that :frowning:

Standard dryer vent is 4" - same as the Glowforge vent.

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Nothing standard about my condo :slight_smile:

Are you able to add a roof exhaust port?

Unfortunately no, I can’t modify the condo :frowning:

I decided to buy a BOFA 350 so I don’t need to exhaust out the window anymore. I heard that’s the model that the Glowforge folks use at conferences. @dan @Rita can you confirm and/or share any thoughts?

Airflow/pressure: 223 cfm / 96 mbar that is a very low airflow, and could be a problem as I have a 199cfm that I thought would do but is quite insufficient when cutting smoky things like oak plywood or most 1/4 inch thick woods.

we have the bofa ad1000 for the universal at work and it’s amazing. it’s 3-4X the cost of the 350, but it’s on a much larger, industrial laser.

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