Experienced WoodCraft maker, beginner forger

That. Is. PERFECT! :rofl:

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Lol glad you like it!

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Well, this is no where near as elaborate and pretty as what I’ve seen from fellow forgers but for the first time I’m pretty proud, lot of learning to do. This is a Swallow house a client commission me to build and I thought a pretty Swallow on it would be nice, so after 4 hours of tinkering, I got one I could use. The first one looked like left over campfire wood that didn’t get burnt all the way, just mostly


Well done! The swallow looks great, but I was a bit distracted by the tools in the background. You have quite an arsenal. Keep forging.


Oooooo, nice job on that!


At first I was stunned that you got something that elaborate and big but I see you are well set up even before the Glowforge arrived, The Swallow is really beautiful, Will be looking for more integration of future projects .


Welcome to the forum … guessing you’re running in very little sleep by now. The Glowforge gives too much fun to spend time sleeping!

Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

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Sleep, you did say sleep, that’s what I’ve been missing for 3 days, oh yes, been up late for 3 nights, been making things, oh what fun. Christmas ornaments now…


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