Fairs, Festivals, and Farmer's Markets



I do a lot of shows by myself, and usually your neighboring vendors will watch your booth on a break, or some events have “runners” that will stand in your booth while you take a break.


This is exactly the post I was looking for! I just applied to be a vendor at the night market that @geek2nurse mentioned. Anyone have any good input on folding tables? I won’t need a tent right away, but I’ll need to build some displays.

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I have a pair of Lifetime tables that are going strong after at least ten years.

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Well, shoot, I won’t be here for the one in July…but let me know if I can help you with prep!

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A follow up:
I did my booth at the car show last weekend. Success!

Many thanks for all of the suggestions and advice; I was hydrated, comfortable, well prepared with wares, got some amount of stuff up off the table, big shiny flyers for my shop, and was able to take a nice break when my girlfriend came and looked after the booth midshow. my snazzy Undercover canopy is a joy to use (watched others struggling with theirs) and best of all I got a bunch of great reactions and feedback from everyone walking by.

Of course, since I had plenty of time to prepare, I put a bunch of ‘little’ things off until the last minute, forgetting that I would be hosting family the two days prior to the show… so some of the fancy bits of my display (ahem, digitally printed fitted table covers, racks and shelves for a few things, edge-lit acrylic sign…) kinda didn’t happen. Oh well… plenty of room to improve!

I did not manage to take nearly enough photos, but I got a couple:

image image

I learned a lot, and it was well worth the experience. I will certainly be doing more shows in the future.


I do about 30 days of shows every year and these are all good points.

Zelda looks kind of smug in that one photo.


Your laser cut cars and jeeps look pretty cool and it looks like you had a good plan for your booth.

I still like your hats too :slight_smile:


I had to go back and look again. All I saw the first time was the dog!


Is that your logo in the middle of the Aztec calendar? :sunglasses::+1:


No… but now I’m gonna have to do that!
(The sunstone engrave is very popular around here.)


For the forgers in Mich. looking for a market, you may want to checkout http://mifma.org/.

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Interesting experience yesterday. A man came up to me at my booth and introduced himself as a fellow Glowforger. Sorry I was busy and didn’t get his name.