Feature request: Audible alert (maybe via a mobile app) when job GF is complete

Hello Team GF,

Would it be interesting to add an on/off alert sound to the interface that the job in the machine is completed? I’m always within the immediate rooms (open layout) but often I’ll wear noise cancelling headphones so I don’t go crazy with the high pitch 8 hours in a row. It could be cool if there was an mobile app that could work along with the laser/interface to let you know Job is Done! Of course you could set an alarm on the iPhone over and over, but it would be cooler if the machine / webapp could talk to the app. That’s about all for now! :wink:


PS I’m a happy new user of GF Pro, but have owned industrial/production lasers regularly over the last several years. omg, it was love at first USE! and first SITE. I just want to say to you all: BRAVO!! The interface is a freaking dream (the ones on Epilogs and Universals are not aesthetic at all, neither the machines themselves). And the camera (!!!) makes all the difference! No more “oops! that overlapped” or misplacement of any kind. And the build is insane–you all really went ALL the way. Apple standards at minimum–so thank you. A big thank you for caring not only about how it works, but how it looks as it sits in your office/shop, and how the user experiences the whole process from interface to cutting.


This is a good idea, and others have suggested similar. Hopefully it’ll get implemented someday.

Two things:

1- Suggestions should be posted to problems and support. GF staff doesn’t read all topics, but they read all of P&S. You might want to copy and paste this into a new topic in P&S to be sure it’s seen.

2- it’s a bit off topic but:

I totally understand. One thing I did that cut the high pitch down a great deal was install insulated duct on the exhaust. There’s more about it here:


Can’t tell you how much I appreciate reading that! I’ve suspected from the beginning that this was extra special, but unfortunately didn’t have the previous experience. (And I love making smart buys.)

I hope @dan sees your comment. The team deserves the praise from someone who actually is an expert. :grinning:


If you use the App in your phone you can both launch the cut, while standing next to the machine so you can push the button; but you get a clock and percent cut as a continuous feed so you can see if you are 5 min or 3 seconds from the end.

Cuts sound different from Engrave and rarely take much time so I use that.


Me too, I listen for that different squeal sound and now it’s moved on to cutting. But Suzie is right, an alarm would be cool.


Wow! You’re awesome! My ears thank you so much for this referral!! I’m on it! :star_struck:


Awww, definitely, thanks for the tip, Jules! @dan :heart::pray: x 1,000,000 :upside_down_face:


That’s an excellent workaround in the meantime, thanks!! I’ll do that, Robert!
I hear you–but my noise cancelling headphones are amazing (maybe too amazing!) so a pop up alert from the app that happens automatically would be so cool, right? (Maybe I’m just getting lazy :sweat_smile:) haha


PS Thanks for the tip on reposting to P&S :wink: Will do!

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