Finding Where to Start

Hi all! I just ordered our Glowforge and it won’t be here until the end of next month. :sob: However, I want to get started learning and problem-solving before it shows up. I am looking forward to making similar projects to the ones below, but I can’t tell what materials would be best. I have been searching on the “made on glowforge” forum for the last hour and haven’t been able to figure out the right keyword combination. Could anyone give me some directions as to materials and potential settings for this? I love how the layers overlap but sit within each other. There’s so much to learn and I want to hit the ground running. Thanks!

These can be made of painted plywood or acrylic mounted on a wooden round of some sort. There are so many examples of this on the Glowforge Users Group on Facebook. Every day there are several discussions of this type of sign and I think you would be well served to join that group.

As for getting ready for your own Glowforge, I suggest you hone your design skills and spend as many hours as possible reading the information here in the forum.


There’s so much! Do you have a suggestion of where to start?

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Maybe start here: Common problems/questions


The lettering itself is fairly basic - the wooden rounds either have to be quite small (under 11") or not cut on the :glowforge:
For MOAG folks generally refer to them as “name signs

Depending on your art program one of the three top posts from here will teach you how to do the merging needed to cross the words over each other :slight_smile: