First 6 months of projects


I think it runs them through an AI awesomeness score calculation filter and as long as your bayesian quantifier is above the threshold it encourages you to keep going?


I beat the test! Yay!


keeping busy I see. your investment must’ve paid off already…
Love the variety of your designs. these give me great ideas.
Thank you for sharing!


Incredible collection and awesome creativity! Thanks for sharing! Do you have a woodworking shop too or you buy your blanks?


Damn with all that work I am surprised to had time to do this post. Loving the work.


Love this post! As a new user this is super inspiring. I’m guessing you have the pro?


First of all great work! All of it.
Personally though, I’d much rather see a few of your best things with a description of your thoughts and process. The whole load of images was exhausting.
Again your work is great! Just a bit to much volume to digest.
Sorry for being the downer.


Is it a secret? O_o


Lol naw. Good old Baltic Birch


Lol I work out of my cramped little apartment. Haha! No other power tools.


Lol! Not enough time in the day!! Just wanted to show what I’ve been up to. :slight_smile:


Plywood?? I’m still trying to decide what woods to use for simple signs, your signs look soooo good.