First project with custom stamp

How’d it go cutting through the 3/8”? I’ve only been using 1/4” thick but wouldn’t mind going thicker.

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Haven’t really cut throw it using Glowforge yet

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My glowforge pro literally just arrived. I’m so excited! I have to say that I am fearful of cutting some materials not know which are toxic. Is polyoxymethylene toxic when cutting? Be kind. I’m a newbie! Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum.
I think if you spend some time reading through the forum - and I strongly recommend lots of reading - you will find that this is a kind community whether you are new or not.

The material you are asking about is, I believe, Delrin As such, it is safe to use with a CO2 laser. There are, in fact, many posts about Delrin here in the forum. Use the search function and you will be rewarded with some nice examples in addition to this post.


This :slight_smile:

In your case, even putting “polyoxymethylene” into the search box would get you your answer! The search is powerful tool here, and the fewer words the better.