First Week

Insert your best “Yoda” voice when reading this one :wink:



Nice selection of projects! :grinning:

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Thank you. Like most people sure most of my projects will be inspired by the people and things in our lives.


Looks like you are enjoying your new Glowforge! Some great first projects!

Very nice!

Those two tutorials you mention can be found, along with many others, in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section, in case you didn’t know about that.

Can’t wait… I see all the creativity in this group. Glad you’re off to such a great start!

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Looks excellent! I just got mine yesterday and cut out a few test things. Quick question for you, do you remember what setting you used for the corrugated cardbaord? I tried some but I think I was going too slow and it kinda started burning. Thanks!

Now if you could only meet somebody named Kathy…


Search in the Beyond the Manual section. There are several sets of cardboard settings posted there. No one true setting for cardboard not to mention different thicknesses and stuff. The corrugation also provides protected areas for sparks to do their thing, so best to watch it like a hawk even when you do develop settings you like.

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As mentioned below not all cardboard is created equal but the settings I tried I found in Beyond the manual section. Here is a link to what I used.

I think Matthew is awesome! Amazing.


She’s reeeaaaallll I swear. She bought me this Plant!!! lol :wink:DSC02815


I liked your stuff on Instagram even before I saw it here - welcome to the world of Glowforge! :slight_smile:


Oh wow thank you. Glad you liked the Instagram posts. Thank you for creating the world of Glowforge. Really look forward to immersing myself in it more.

Thank you. Glad you like them.

Thank you. I am sure you will love it once you get it. Definitely worth the wait. :wink:

All your stuff looks ‘awesome’, if I may repeat that adjective one more time…staged on the glass lid of the machine that created it. I’ve used that same stage many times myself. It is unique and very cool.

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Thank you

Happy obviously you are.
Good luck.