Focus distance of the laser

Thank you for the “making those numbers up.” Too many people on this forum are posting conjecture passed off as fact, or as inside information!

Seems structural integrity is less about stress/strain and more about maintaining precise and repeatable optical alignment of the system over the entire bed area; a partnership between a rigid enclosure and rigid chassis makes that happen.

Take a close look at the inside of any inkjet printer - LOTS of ribs in the plastic to stiffen it up in addition to a metal chassis with plenty of stiffening bends. The metal and the plastic work together to keep the ink jet carriage aligned with the paper surface… for 1000’s of sheets of paper and many years of back & forth travel.

If you cut any size hole through the bottom of the enclosure, the ability to maintain repeatable alignment drops.

In theory, though, you could build a rigid external metal frame, bolt the Glowforge to it to secure alignment …THEN cut your hole in the bottom. No guarantees and there is still the safety concern.

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