For anyone who is a COMPLETE BEGINNER with laser design, designing softwares, etc

Have you worked thru the tutorials from Glowforge?

They cover just that.


A quick and simple way to add words as you are learning, is to write what you want in Word or Google doc and save as a pdf file. Then you can drag the pdf file onto the Glowforge bed and place on on your plaque. Later, you can learn Adobe or Inkscape and there are tutorials that teach you how to convert text into something the Glowforge can engrave.

I am so glad you have set up your Glowforge and are trying to get started.


I agree with @dklgood that saving your text as a PDF that you can add as art to an existing design is pretty easy. That allows you to do layout and size the text as you wish.

Since you did start with Illustrator, I would encourage you to keep at it. Follow some of the basic tutorials you can find on this forum or watch some videos. Have you identified what you keep getting stuck on?

I remember trying to start with Fusion 360 and it was just crazy. I did much better with my first attempts at Sketchup to do 3D design. And I won’t even talk about the umpteen times when I tried to learn Blender, a 3D animation program. It was tough and still is to learn new skills.


Feeling your pain. I somehow accidentally deleted my gift of good measure. It’s gone. The metric one engrave but did not cut like the little message said it wouldve.

Support can restore it.

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You should contact Glowforge support via email and ask them to restore your Gift of Good Measure design if you deleted it from your library.

If you are having trouble printing the metric version, you need to take pictures and post in the Problems and Support section of the forum so you are opening a support ticket for your machine.


Some great advice here. is a user friendly way to learn a new software. I have found it helpful to watch the tutorials on one device while doing the step by steps on my computer. That way I can stop and go back. I don’t need to rely on my memory.

The best news is that many libraries offer FREE access to through their electronic resources services. Please support your public and school libraries.


Yep, mine did. I have been amazed at some of the things offered FREE through my public library.

Glad ya got the kinks worked out :smiley: @MANDYpalmer83 , Also Mandy as an FYI you can change your username under preferences, even though you use your husbands email for setup it doesn’t need to match it afterward. My username used to be longer, I shortened it to My Firstname , Last initial :slight_smile:

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ahhhh!!! I did not know that @GregK . I will definitely check that out. I wonder if people will still recognize me?!? HaHa. I could just add the word “wife” , take away the “83” , and add an " 's " after palmer. I don’t know I will fig something! Thanks for letting me in on that!


As long as you don’t change your profile picture at the same time, we’re pretty good at remembering who people are :wink:

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@twinangel1a you can refer to my post here when I say THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING HELP! I am not sure what time zone you live in…but I can assure you that you can most probably get on here at ANY hour as I did, AND ALWAYS get a response from someone that is willing and capable of helping you. Honestly, these guys are the only reason that I still exist on these forums. I knew nothing. I got on here on the very last straw, not knowing that I could have just asked, and I lost all composure. Tears, cusswords, anger, and most of all… HEART BROKEN!!!
I have put in MANY hours since then,that I really didn’t think I had . But it is because of these guys on here. They lifted me up. They made me feel better. They were caring, and did whatever they could to help. You GOT THIS! I promise you will not be heart broken for ever! Its not easy. But it’s rewarding!


Well DUH Mandy! I didn’t think of that once. Light bulb moment!

I have gotten on here atleast twice since then to do exactly that and change my name, and ended up playing, and reading;)
Notice my name remains the same. HAHA



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Hey @MANDYpalmer83, happy birthday to you!


I am embarrassed to even answer this…

because no…I have not. :frowning: sigh!

I really do want to learn. I need a Glowforge class for dummies class haha



So, if you schedule a setup session with a few of us, we can walk you through it. It may drag out but would be fairly simple as the setup routine is pretty good with step by step instructions and illustrations. I have often thought that people might want to do a private YouTube live stream and invite a few of us to assist in commenting.


@cynd11 HEY THANKS!!! My bday wish was to play with my GF…and that is what I am doing!!! THANKYOU!!


Yessss I can I please do this!!! I know I will love it once I get started!!

Would have to figure out what platform to use like Skype or Facetime or even share a live stream on YouTube.