Free Design - Glue Gun and Sticks Holder

Thank you for this design. It is printing now.

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I just need some rubber bands or clamps to go with my glue.

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Awesome! I should be getting my Glowforge soon (received my pre-announcement email) and I can’t wait to make this! Thank you VERY much for sharing…I love the “comments” on the wood…awesome! In fact, if I get my GF and can figure out all the settings, I hope to make this for two of my fellow 3D print friends that use hot glue guns…would make great Christmas presents!!

Thank you!


What an awesome idea! I know this because it’s one I also had but then I found yours and it saved me so much time! thank you!

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@jules I use Baltic birch from Lowes almost exclusively for larger projects or something that needs to be thick

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thank you for sharing! Great file!

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Thank you for fixing this and making it available.

Can you please send me the SVG and also some instructions on how to use it? This is my first thing to make other than the 2 items from Glowforge - the measuring tool and the gift tag


You can click on the link in the first post.

thanks, but I don’t even know how to get started

Hahaaha - very appropriate and helpful. Thank you for sharing.

This is perfect for what I need! Thank you for the share!!

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This is fantastic! I also make kanzashi ribbon flowers using a hot glue gun, and the labels on this box are absolute truth!

Very cool! Love the final product. Just added a glue gun to our new shop / crafting space so this is perfect. Thank you for sharing!