Free Official Glowforge Designs?

Greyscale engraving is what that is referred to as. And it is in development (last update, mostly complete. But still did not have the power supplies to test it)

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The catalog was up and working for a few days around pre-order time. It then magically disappeared. I am guessing they didn’t mean for the url to be working yet. So I would expect to see it pop back into existence as real ship dates appear.

was that a catalogue or the list of things made on a glow forge promotional images?

I think what you’re referring to is the UI that drives the Glowforge, which has only been getting better. It has a list of recent prints that you can use.

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It looked like the catalog, though it’s been awhile so it very well may have been what Dan is suggesting. I thought I remembered a different subdomain for it and everything, but didn’t expect it to disappear either so wasn’t paying that much attention.

This is the first time I’ve seen the design of the Catan board shown in the marketing video, and I have a question. Aren’t the “any” ports (as opposed to the Wheat, Sheep, etc. ports) 3:1 instead of 2:1? I have the latest edition of the game, so maybe the older editions had different values. In any case, just thought I’d ask.

You are absolutely correct, and Guido gave me a hard time (very lightheartedly) about the typo.

I really want this!

@dan, is there a corrected version of the free Catan board? Now that I have my :glowforge: I’d really like to try this out! :grin:


Nothing yet!

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Ok, thanks.

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HA! I was just looking for this myself and found the 404 error when I clicked on the link :frowning:
Would love to be able to get the plan for the Catan Board.


I’m assuming it’s still ok to link this since it’s on Glowforge’s website, but feel free to remove it @dan if you want.


Oh yes - just meant we hadn’t updated that file.


I rather doubt this thread had anything to do with it, but I just wanted to say “Thanks!” to Glowforge for including more free official designs as part of the package being offered to Founders. I know the video was what got me excited enough about the product to buy in early, and being able to make the items we saw in that video will be incredibly cool. Can’t wait for mine to come in so I can get started!


THANKS @rhenley !!!

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totally in this for the rubber band gun


I have played the “game” just once … didn’t do a lot for me (but maybe because I didn’t spend much time there at the party learning the game)…but the game board is soooooo gorgeous it makes me want to build it and “they will come” to play…I would think. :wink: Thanks for the design.

Also, @rhenley what needed to be corrected on the pattern?

At the bottom of the page you’ll see a row of ships with “Wheat 2:1” and so forth. The ones that say “Any” should be 3:1, not 2:1.

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Thank you! I only played this once about 2 years ago so don’t remember much about it…but will make myself a note about the corrections.