G Scale Railroad Bridge

How tall is it? Great job. I’m guessing he has a pro?

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Geesh, like everyone else; I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed project!


If I tried to make this, I might fall on my caboose!


WOW!! Can’t wait to see the finished project! Impressive!

Sorry about the pic but had to take with lights off. Thought this will help later


Wow! That is great to have those diagrams!


Welcome to the forum. That is fantastic, I can’t wait to see the finished project. Please, please post more.


Very impressive… Love It!!!

Clear Outdoor Acrylic or something like it.

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Yes we have a Pro. Cut from 20" x 48" sheets of MDF

The bridge is made with MDF?

OH WOW!!! This is amazing! My 6 year old nephew is a train fanatic and he would FLIP if he saw this!

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I have a tressel for my garden train made from redwood. Even with penetrating outdoor stain, the moisture and sun are hard on it. I am afraid that mdf will not perform well under outdoor conditions. I suggest trying the coating out on some test pieces and leaving out in the weather to see how the coated MDF performs. A penetrating epoxy formulation followed by a dark outdoor stain (to simulate the color and texture of creosote treated railway timbers) may give it more life. I have used Cabot oil based deck and siding stain in Cordovan Brown on pressure treated scale lumber pieces and it looks convinceingly like creosote treated wood.


THAT is AWESOME!!! WELL DONE!!! My dad was very much into HO scale trains. I can’t even imagine the things he would have come up with to make on a Glowforge had they been around in his time! That is so very cool!

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Thats enormous. Look forward to the Caboose.

No I did not make the bridge. I have the blueprints for a standard Seabord RR Trestle from 1925 . I sent the pics in case someone wanted to make a trestle. If you need close ups let me know. peggy_nowell 's husband made a RR bridge.

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