GF app store...?


I don’t know. People on this forum are all GF owners (at least that’s my understanding), who have spent a pretty buck for the privilege. So I don’t think your ‘couch warrior abuse’ is a real threat in a closed community like this one.

Expectations should be managed though. My experience is that it is effective when the company offers a list of features that perhaps they have already evaluated as being viable. The voting is about information for the company to prioritise resources, not to please everybody and their dog. A ‘feature wishlist’ is also important but it’s something else.


my dog likes this.


I’m sure out of all response, there have been a few among the many that rise to the top, that leave the team thinking "why didn’t we think of that?"
A pool of intellect is bound to produce a winner or two.


That’s exactly why we do it. It’s important also to note that it’s not and should not be the only source of customer and market feedback.

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