Glass trials on some bottles. Still a fail though

I do it the vinyl route. When I etch glass - I use my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl and then the etching cream. Works great!

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Well maybe I wasted money buying the film to protect it. I didnt even second guess it wouldnt be laser safe. Its the same stuff I use to transfer decals. how would I go about determining if its safe?

Best way is to contact the manufacturer and ask.

clear/plastic-y feeling transfer tape is almost always PVC based, which is bad. Paper-based transfer tape is generally fine… but It is best to never assume anything. For example, the literature for TransferRite 592U (hi-tack) and 582U (med-tack) specifically state that is it a laser-masking material… that’s what I use for masking in the laser, and also for transfering decals.

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Great progress. GF was down and not calibrating for some time so I finally got that fixed. For anyone that may come into that in the future they recommended to just unplug it, the computer you were using, your modem, and router. Then plug them all back in. Got it all working right away. Super simple reset. Wish they would make that info readily available since I had to wait days to find that out from them.

Anyways, here is my now test. I ended up changing the text to a rastor image and then used the convert to dots setting in the GF screen. I did 3 different ones. The far left is 1000/40/450 3 passes, next is 1000/30/450 3 passes, and last is 1000/20/450 2 passes. Also I took a pic before and after scrubbing it with the green side of a dishes sponge to see how it would hold up. It seems that the middle settings worked great and holds up.


Much nicer result! Great job! :grinning:
(I’m going to shift this to Beyond the Manual and tag it with “Settings” so other folks can find it later. I’ve got a bunch of those I need to do one of these days.) :+1:

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