Glowforge and CNC collaboration coffee table

We did test fits. I designed a cut file that was kerf adjusted to be 4.3” square with 1/16” radius corners to match his CNC bit.

He took those test engraves and worked out pockets that fit them pretty exactly.

Even with that he did some fine fitting with a hand plane, shaving off just enough from the album covers to get the fit the way he wanted it.

The trickiest part was using solid maple for the albums, it was prone to warping and humidity changes. If we did it again we’d likely use maple plywood.

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Thanks for the details!

I wonder if it would’ve worked out well to machine the pockets on the CNC to exactly 4.3 inches with the 1/16 inch radius and then cut the tiles with that exact same vector. That would give you effectively a pocket allowance of half the kerf of the laserbeam, and that could work out nicely.

I’m going to have to run some tests!


There is a song out there that will help you by Wil Smith :slight_smile:

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