Glowforge delivery notification UK edition

it just departed from the states. Normal parcel takes anything up to 6 weeks from there. I’m hoping for you it’ll be friday!


UPS normally only take a couple of days from the US to the UK.

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Congratulations, my date has slipped to 16th March.

With all these dates being pushed back I’m like a hawk circling my account page. Still steady on 8th march… So close…

Mine is on the 6th but I won’t accept it in its current state so you might move forward.

Mine is also on its way. I’m stealing your topic title and will document the journey here: Glowforge delivery, german edition



Friday delivery has disappeared without warning for me, it now shows exception? I’ve had enough of being on the phone so will wait.

Might be the beast from the east strikes again!

Just got off the phone with UPS and it’s £737.06. No breakdown of costs as of yet as they said they don’t know until it arrives in the UK. More than I thought. I’ll query it with HMRC later for the benefit of others as I should be able to claim it back.


So online the breakdown so far is Government fees £719.08, brokerage £17.98.

So as a guess…….

I paid $3973 USD for the Glowforge Pro inclusive of shipping. The HMRC exchange rate for March 2018 for USD is 1.3979.

$3973/1.3979=£2842.12 GBP

Looked up online and I suspect the commodity code is 8456119000 which attracts duty of 4.5%

4.5%(Duty) of £2842.12 = £127.90

£2842.12+£127.90 = £2970.02

20% (VAT) of £2970.02 = £594

£594(VAT amount) + £127.9 (Duty Amount) =£721.90

Hmm, that’s off by a couple of quid? What’s happening? The duty was calculated today on 1st March, but what happens if I use the HMRC exchange rate for February of 1.4223?

::insert 1980s maths montage music and video::

Well blow me down with an avocado green coloured wash cloth and call me Susan if it doesn’t come to £709.51!

Disappointing, I know after all that build up and you didn’t even have to go through all the extra maths either! So it wasn’t the difference in the HMRC exchange rate change between Feb and March, but I’m sure it’s the exchange rate somehow as it’s so close. I tried using the exchange rate listed by UPS on their invoice yesterday for the proofgrade, but that comes out the same as using the HMRC Feb exchange rate which makes sense?

Any ideas why it’s what it is?


UPS Squeezing you for more money is my best sinister guess.

They just charged me £19.88 VAT on a £74.69 eBay purchase, so I have raised a query with them. They did accept cash at the doorstep though.

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As an update, the crumb tray and accessories box left Philadelphia about 3 hours ago and is showing as in transit, I suspect to the UK.

The main event however, the Glowforge, still shows as stuck in Louisville, KY with now an exception showing, which apparently is some form of unforeseen event? Oh dear.

Both the crumb tray and Glowforge were together at Louisville early this morning, but have since parted. Sniff :cry: Hope they’re not lonely I don’t think they are meant to be separated.

I’m just imagining that the crumb tray is Rose and the Glowforge is Jack and I’m shouting at the screen “THERE’S ROOM! MAKE IT WORK, DON’T DIE!”

And don’t chuck the bloody diamond in the sea, what a waste! Do you know how many Glowforges I could have bought with that thing? A lot less than you would think when you add international duty and taxes :wink:


Yes I expect there will be issues getting them through customs separately, like two brokerage fees.

Titanic Movie Trivia,
The final scene with her dropping the diamond in the water was shot after they had finished filming the movie. They had apparently run out of money from the main funding, and were dipping into funds from promotions to wrap a few scenes. My friend was brought in as a PA late in filming. The waves you see in that scene are my buddy standing in the water pushing a 2x4 up and down.


How old is the ‘rather old building’? I’ve noticed Californian’s and Brit’s (UKians?) have a wide variation on ‘old’.

In CA, our kids tour historic mission sites (generally early 1800’s) and gold rush sites (mid-1800s). “Ooooo, that’s old” say the 4th graders who still think a person in their 30s is ‘old age’.

But Brit’s are generally unimpressed, given that a lot of roofs are that old and they brought up Richard III from the parking lot.


Apparently the fees have already been decided and it’s one fee to rule them all. Not sure if they’ll deliver them separately or not. They have two different tracking numbers, but show up somewhere as one consignment made of two packages.

So good news?:neutral_face:


Old is definitely subjective, mine is some point around 1825, no one seems to know for sure, but it’s when the builder was instructed to start work (not joking). But even for a Britatarian, 1825 is old enough for a house that you’d actually want to live in.

Gosh if they think 30 is old, glad they ain’t asking me my age!

Incidentally, the hole got belayed in favour of a much simpler idea that is entirely more sympathetic to the building…………for now.


I just tore down a perfectly habitable 220+ year old farmhouse in the Netherlands to build my new farmhouse on that site. Nobody from the history preservation squad even batted an eye when I filed for it. So many examples of beautiful old farms around here they didn’t mind to loose this one. Couldn’t find an exact build date but it shows up on maps from 1803. They still find Roman coins and buildings in the land here too so I’m still hoping to not find anything. Because that would stagnate the build for a year or more…


Wow and wow, would be cool to see!

Hope you find some coins after you’ve built it!