Glowforge table design

Got my Glowforge this week and wanted to make a table to have ready for it. I have borrowed a lot of different ideas for my table from the community so I wanted to post my version in case it can help someone in the future. It has ample space on the top and a slide out tray for a laptop/desk area. Hope this can help someone else who is looking for a table to suit their needs.


Nice table! Love all the storage room. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice extending work surface there! :sunglasses: very efficient way to expand.

My shop was so full I had to adapt.

Google Photos
Google Photos

I plan on more pull-out extensions!


Very nice setup!


A very nice desk, one thing I plan to add when I develop mine is to use pull (full extension) out trays on some type of roller where your shelves are. Thats so I don’t lose thing way in the back.

Your black cable doesn’t appear to be black. Is that just a lighting thing?
Good use of space. Do you have any issue with the exhaust hose staying in place as you pull it out or push it back in?

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That is a very nice and functional design.

Good eye (on the cable)…

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Looks like you put an on/off switch on the tabletop at the front? Is that for the Glowforge or for a fan?

Is that even possible?


I’m not seeing that. Are you referring to the power bars?

There is a little switch or controller to the right of the Glowforge in the photo.


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The white cable is a power strip for my chest freezer, in-line exhaust fan, and baby monitor (to watch the prints so I don’t have to be right next to it the whole time). The GF was unplugged for the picture. Also, because of how frustrating it is to undo the exhaust from the back of the GF, I disconnect it at the in-line fan which is about 2 feet above the GF mounted on the side of my pantry.

This is my exhaust fan controller


I like this idea. The nice thing about those ball bearing drawer slides is the weight capacity and should have no problem handling the GF. Thanks for sharing!

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The early production runs had orange cables. I think @PrintToLaser was first or second batch, and I was lucky enough to be in the next batch behind him. I’m not sure when the “black cables” actually became black instead of orange.

You’ll notice he doesn’t have a black crumb tray either (2nd pic). Those came later, too.


That is a pic of the PRU. My machine has a black lid cable, except the lead to the lid camera, that is white. The machine will retract further under the bench without the hose attached. I have it cinched with a screw-clamp to the point it is a press fit, so I just slip it back on, no problem, no smell.

@hansepe, my machine does have a black tray, wish I had kept the naked steel one. :smirk:

There are a couple of potential possibilities remaining. :grimacing: It took me a while to realize I had cubic feet available when I was arguing with myself about what area to commit to the glowforge.

@mattwestfall1, hehe, I was pretty pleased with myself but I came up with the idea.
I splurged on heavy duty guides, they’re rated at 500 lb.

That’s my 175 lbs. sitting on it

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Limited edition silver tray if you please :smiley:

I thought that was your forever machine, not the PRU.


Nice design! Thanks for sharing.
I was just looking into “Flat file” type filing cabinets (like these from Uline:
Where I work uses these to organize materials directly below their laser cutter.
Unfortunately, I don’t have much room either. Temporarily, I am using a Ikea “MOSJO TV Unit”:
I’m thinking that I will need to design and build a custom cabinet also.


Haha, of course. I went back and looked at the wrong picture in this thread.


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