Half and Half business card holder

Very cool design! Thanks for sharing!

love this desing, so clever, I_m definitely using it. Thank you for sharing it

Very Neat! Thanks for sharing!

A big THANK YOU @Joshua for sharing this!

OK, nearly 2.5 years later, found this and decided to work with it. Though not exactly as your cool idea of the etching 1/2 the card…

I ended up doubling the “filling” bits to hold more cards (this is for my booth at shows), and looked at the ink on my cards, and some leather in front of me on my workbench and realized perfect match, so glued the leather to the sides. I did try etching my QR code and such on the leather–and opted for this cleaner version. Modified a side/end piece with an extension to have my QR code, and did a separate piece of the 3mm MDF I used for my shop name to glue onto the leather. Then mixed up some acrylic paint to match, and quite pleased with it.


Great design!

Very cool I like how the buisness name keeps on going!! Thanks for sharing sure do apriciate it!!!