Hand Washing sign, first print

I had to brush all over my hands and arms with them, but they were gentle brushes – worked great for washing baby hair! Mine were in 1984 and 1986, so things had probably changed a LOT by the time yours came along. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a good idea to do that every time. It just looks better from the front. You can do a little experiment with an LED flashlight or your phone’s camera light: engrave something on scrap and put the light along the bottom edge. Which side do you like the best?


Nice looking sign. I agree with evansd2 that you might want to increase the font size or switch fonts, to improve legibility. And if you don’t add the LEDs and timer (which would be cool!) perhaps add text or a graphic reminder to scrub for 20 seconds.

Are these the type of brushes you are thinking of? They are fantastic for hand washing, cleaning vegetables, and probably cleaning certain things after lasering, though I haven’t had a need to try that yet.

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Well, the cunning outcome of using that font is it takes far longer than 20 seconds to figure out what many of the words are… :smiley:

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Good one!

Those are the ones!

This is definitely a first draft. I’ll have to get some LEDs and someone will have to teach me timers,

Good! Lee Valley is currently offering free shipping with no minimum order, though they have lots of other fun things like veneer and stains… :wink:


Pretty awesome job and very appropriate for the times we’re living in!

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Based on feedback, gave it another shot. Learning as I go. Got hit by an Illustrator export resize and it ended up a little smaller but with the font changes I feel like it will still work.


Glad you’re up and running …and posting to the forum. Looking forward to your next project!